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5. Domínguez-Carral J, Ludlam WG, Junyent Segarra M, Fornaguera Marti M, Balsells S, Muchart J, Čokolić Petrović D, Espinoza I, Ortigoza-Escobar JD, Martemyanov KA, GNAO1-Study Group.
Severity of GNAO1-Related Disorder Correlates with Changes in G-Protein Function
Annals of Neurology (2023) 26758.

4. Masuho I, Kise R, Gainza P, Von Moo E, Li X, Tany R, Wakasugi-Masuho H, Correia BE, Martemyanov KA.
Rules and mechanisms governing G protein coupling selectivity of GPCRs
Cell Rep
(2023) 113173.

Science Signaling

3. Patil DN, Pantalone S, Cao Y, Laboute T, Novick SJ, Singh S, Savino S, Faravelli S, Magnani F, Griffin PR, Singh AK, Forneris F, Martemyanov KA.
Structure of the photoreceptor synaptic assembly of the extracellular matrix protein pikachurin with the orphan receptor GPR179
Sci Signal
(2023) 16:eadd9539.

Molecular Cell July 2023

2. Park J-C, Luebbers A, Dao M, Semeano A, Nguyen AM, Papakonstantinou MP, Broselid S, Yano H, Martemyanov KA, Garcia-Marcos M.
Fine-tuning GPCR-mediated neuromodulation by biasing signaling through different G protein subunits
Moll Cell
(2023) 83:2540-2558.

1. Laboute T, Zucca S, Holcomb M, Patil DN, Garza C, Wheatley BA, Roy RN, Forli S, Martemyanov KA.
Orphan receptor GPR158 serves as a metabotropic glycine receptor: mGlyR
(2023) 379:1352-1358.


9. Ives AN, Dunn HA, Afsari HS, Seckler HDS, Foroutan MJ, Chavez E, Melani RD, Fellers RT, LeDuc RD, Thomas PM, Martemyanov KA, Kelleher NL, Vafabakhsh R.
Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry Reveals Activity-Modifying Phosphorylation Barcode in a Class C G Protein-Coupled Receptor
J Am Chem Soc.
(2022) 144(50):23104-23114.

8. Campla C, Bocchero U, Strickland R, Nellissery J, Advani J, Ignatova I, Srivastava D, Aponte A, Wang Y, Gumerson J, Martemyanov KA, Artemyev N, Pahlberg J, Swaroop A.
Frmpd1 facilitates trafficking of G-protein transducin and modulates synaptic function in rod photoreceptors of mammalian retina
(2022) 30:ENEURO.0348-22.2022.

7. Maza N, Wang D, Kowalski C, Stoveken H, Dao M, Sial O, Giles A, Grill, Martemyanov KA.
Ptchd1 mediates opioid tolerance via cholesterol-dependent effects on μ-opioid receptor trafficking
Nat Neurosci.
(2022) 25:1179-1190.

6. Cao Y, Fajardo D, Guerrero-Given D, Samuel MA, Ohtsuka T, Boye SE, Kamasawa N, Martemyanov KA.
Post-developmental plasticity of the primary rod pathway allows restoration of visually guided behaviors
Curr Biol.
(2022) S0960-9822 01460-9.

5. Beier C, Bocchero U, Levy L, Martemyanov KA, Hattar S, Pahlberg J.
Divergent outer retinal circuits drive image and non-image visual behaviors
Cell Rep
(2022) 28;39:111003.

4. Marwari S, Kowalski C, Martemyanov KA.
Exploring pharmacological inhibition of G q/11 as an analgesic strategy
Br J Pharmacol
(2022) 10.1111/bph.15935.

3. Hopkins B, Masuho I, Ren D, Iyamu I, Lv W, Malik N, Martemyanov KA, Schiltz G, Miller R.
Effects of Small Molecule Ligands on ACKR3 Receptors
Mol Pharmacol
(2022) 10.1124/molpharm.121.000295.

2. Muntean BS, Marwari S, Li X, Sloan DC, Young BD, Wohlschlegel JA, Martemyanov KA.
Members of the KCTD family are major regulators of cAMP signaling.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA
(2022) 119:e2119237119.

1. Patil DN, Singh S, Laboute T, Strutzenberg TS, Qiu X, Wu D, Novick SJ, Robinson CV, Griffin PR, Hunt JF, Izard T, Singh AK, Martemyanov KA
Cryo-EM structure of human GPR158 receptor coupled to the RGS7-Gβ5 signaling complex
Science (2021) 375:86-91.


11. Wang Y, Cao Y, Hays CL, Laboute T, Ray TA, Guerrero-Given D, Ahuja AS, Patil D, Rivero O, Kamasawa N, Kay JN, Thoreson WB, Martemyanov KA
Adhesion GPCR Latrophilin 3 regulates synaptic function of cone photoreceptors in a trans-synaptic manner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2021) 118:e2106694118.

10. Wang D., Dao M., Muntean B.S., Giles A.C., Martemyanov K.A., Grill B.
Genetic modeling of GNAO1 disorder delineates mechanisms of Gαo dysfunction
Human Molecular Genetics (2021) in press.

9. Shao, Z., Masuho, I., Tumber, A., Maynes, J.T., Tavares, E., Ali, A., Hewson, S., Schulze, A., Kannu, P., Martemyanov, K.A, Vincent A.
Extended phenotyping and functional validation facilitate diagnosis of a complex patient harboring genetic variants in MCCC1 and GNB5 causing overlapping phenotypes
Genes (Basel) (2021) 12:1352.

8. Moo EV., Harpsøe K., Hauser A.S., Masuho I., Bräuner-Osborne H., Gloriam D.E., Martemyanov K.A.
Ligand-directed bias of G protein signaling at the dopamine D2 receptor
Cell Chemical Biology (2021) in press.

7. Stoveken H.M., Fernandez-Vega V., Muntean B.S., Patil D.N., Shumate J., Bannister T.D., Scampavia L., Spicer T.P., Martemyanov K.A.
Identification of potential modulators of the RGS7/Gβ5/R7BP complex
SLAS Discovery (2021) 26:1177-1188.

6. Martemyanov K.A.
Mechanisms of Gβγ release upon GPCR activation
Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2021) 46:703-704.

5. Masuho I., Skamangas N.K., Muntean B.S., Martemyanov K.A.
Diversity of the Gβγ complexes defines spatial and temporal bias of GPCR signaling

Cell Systems (2021) 12:324-337.e5.

4. Muntean B.S., Masuho I., Dao M., Sutton L.P., Zucca S., Iwamoto H., Patil D.N., Wang D., Birnbaumer L., Blakely R.D., Grill B., Martemyanov K.A.
Gαo is a major determinant of cAMP signaling in the pathophysiology of movement disorders
Cell Reports (2021) 34:108718.

3. Dao M., Stoveken H.M., Cao Y., Martemyanov K.A.
The role of orphan receptor GPR139 in neuropsychiatric behavior
Neuropsychopharmacology (2021) in press.

2. Melis C., Beauvais G., Muntean B.S., Cirnaru M.D., Otrimski G., Creus-Muncunill J., Martemyanov K.A., Gonzalez-Alegre P., Ehrlich M.E.
Striatal dopamine induced ERK phosphorylation is altered in mouse models of monogenic dystonia
Movement Disorders (2021) 36:1147-1157.

1. Sutton L.P., Khalatyan N., Savas J.N., Martemyanov K.A.
Striatal RGS7 regulates depression-related behaviors and stress-induced reinstatement of cocaine conditioned place preference
eNeuro. (2021) 8:ENEURO.0365-20.2020.


8. Masuho I., Balaji S., Muntean B.S., Skamangas N.K., Chavali S., Tesmer J.J.G., Babu M.M., Martemyanov K.A. 
A global map of G protein signaling regulation by RGS proteins
Cell (2020)  183:503-521.e19. 

7. Bartoszek A., Moo E.V., Binienda A., Fabisiak A., Krajewska J.B., Mosińska P., Niewinna K., Tarasiuk A., Martemyanov K.A., Salaga M., Fichna J.
Free fatty acid receptors as new potential therapeutic target in inflammatory bowel diseases  
Pharmaceutical Research (2020) 152:104604. 

6. Anderson A., Masuho I., Marron Fernandez de Velasco E., Nakano A., Birnbaumer L., Martemyanov K.A., Wickman K.
GPCR-dependent biasing of GIRK channel signaling dynamics by RGS6 in mouse sinoatrial nodal cells 
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2020) 117:14522-14531.  

5. Stoveken H.M, Zucca S., Masuho I., Grill B., Martemyanov K.A. 
The orphan receptor GPR139 signals via Gq/11 to oppose opioid effects  
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2020) 295:10822-10830.

4. Schultz-Rogers L., Masuho I., Pinto e Vairo F., Schmitz C.T., Schwab T.L., Clark K.J., Gunderson L., Pichurin P.N., Wierenga K., Martemyanov K.A., Klee E.W.
Haploinsufficiency as a disease mechanism in GNB1-associated neurodevelopmental disorder
Molecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine (2020) 8:e1477.  

3. Cao Y., Wang Y., Dunn H.A., Orlandi C., Shultz N., Kamasawa N., Fitzpatrick D., Li W., Zeitz C., Hauswirth W., Martemyanov K.A.
Interplay between cell adhesion molecules governs synaptic wiring of cone photoreceptors   
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2020) 117:23914-23924.

2. Xu L., Bolch S.N., Santiago C.P., Dyka F.M., Akil O., Lobanova E., Wang Y., Martemyanov K.A., Hauswirth W.W., Smith W.C., Handa J.T., Blackshaw S., Ash J.D., Dinculescu A.
Clarin-1 expression in adult mouse and human retina highlights a role of Müller Glia in Usher Syndrome
The Journal of Pathology (2020) 250:195-204.

1. Masuho, I., Skamangas, N.K., Martemyanov, K.A.
Live cell optical assay for precise characterization of receptors coupling to Gα12
Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology (2020) 126 Suppl 6:88-95.


12. Doyle T., Muntean B., Ejendal K., Hayes M., Soto-Velasquez M., Martemyanov K.A., Dessauer C., Hu C.D., Watts V.
Identification of novel adenylyl cyclase 5 (AC5) signaling networks in D1 and D2 medium spiny neurons using bimolecular fluorescence complementation screening
Cell (2019) 8:1468.

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Automated live-cell imaging of synapses in rat and human neuronal cultures
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience (2019) 13:467.

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NF1-cAMP signaling dissociates cell type specific contributions of striatal medium spiny neurons to reward valuation and motor control
PLOS Biology (2019) 17:e3000477. 

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Allostatic changes in cAMP system drive opioid induced adaptation in striatal dopamine signaling 
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Genetic behavioral screen identifies an orphan anti-opioid system
Science (2019) 365:1267-1273. 

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Beyond the ligand: extracellular and transcellular GPCR complexes in physiology and pharmacology
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5. Dunn, H.A., Zucca, S., Dao, M., Orlandi, C., Martemyanov, K.A.
ELFN2 is a postsynaptic cell adhesion molecule with essential roles in controlling group III mGluRs in the brain and neuropsychiatric behavior
Molecular Psychiatry (2019) 24:1902-1919.  

4. Song, C., Orlandi, C., Sutton, L.P., Martemyanov, K.A.
The signaling proteins GPR158 and RGS7 modulate excitability of L2/3 pyramidal neurons and control A-type potassium channel in the prelimbic cortex
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2019) 294:13145-13157. 

3. Xu, Z.X., Tan J.W., Hill, C.J., Xu, H., Ostrovskaya, O., Martemyanov, K.A., Xu, B.
Caspase-2 promotes AMPA receptor internalization and cognitive flexibility via mTORC2-AKT-GSK3b signaling
Nature Communications (2019) 10:3622. 

2. Itakura, T., Webster, A., Chintala, S.K., Wang, Y., Gonzalez, J.M. Jr., Tan, J.C., Vranka, J.A., Acott, T., Craft, C.M., Sibug Saber, M.E., Jeong, S., Stamer, W.D., Martemyanov, K.A., Fini, M.E.
GPR158 in the visual system: homeostatic role in regulation of intraocular pressure
Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
(2019) 35:203-215.

1. Orlandi, C., Sutton, L.P., Muntean, B.S., Song, C., Martemyanov, K.A.
Homeostatic cAMP regulation by the RGS7 complex controls depression-related behaviors 
Neuropsychopharmacology (2019) 44:642-653. 


19. Patil, D.N., Rangarajan, E.S., Novick, S.J., Pascal, B.D., Kojetin, D.J., Griffin, P.R., Izard, T., Martemyanov, K.A.
Structural organization of a major neuronal G protein regulator, the RGS7-Gβ5-R7BP complex
(2018) 7:e42150. 

18. Ostrovskaya, Ol., Orlandi, C., Fajardo-Serrano, A., Young, S.M. Jr., Lujan, R., Martemyanov, K.A.
Inhibitory signaling to ion channels in hippocampal neurons is differentially regulated by alternative macromolecular complexes of RGS7
The Journal of Neuroscience (2018) 38:10002-10015. 

17. Condomitti, G., Wierda, K.D., Schroeder, A., Rubio, S.E., Vennekens, K.M., Orlandi C., Martemyanov, K.A., Gounko, N.V., Savas J.N., de Wit, J.
An input-specific orphan receptor GPR158-HSPG interaction organizes hippocampal mossy fiber-CA3 synapses
Neuron (2018) 100:201-215.e9. 

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Transsynaptic binding of orphan receptor GPR179 to dystroglycan-pikachurin complex is essential for the synaptic organization of photoreceptors
 Cell Reports (2018) 25:130-145.e5. 

15. Song, C., Anderson, G.R., Sutton, L.P., Dao, M., Martemyanov, K.A.
Selective role of RGS9-2 in regulating retrograde synaptic signaling of indirect pathway medium spiny neurons in dorsal striatum
The Journal of Neuroscience (2018) 38:7120-7131. 

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Molecular deconvolution platform to establish disease mechanisms by surveying GPCR signaling
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PLos One (2018) 13:e0193798. 

9. Muntean, B.S., Patil, D.N., Madoux, F., Fossetta, J., Scampavia, L., Spicer, T.P., Martemyanov, K.A.
A high-throughput time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer assay to screen for modulators of RGS7/Gβ5/R7BP complex
Assay and Drug Development Technologies (2018) 16:150-161. 

8. Marcott, P.F., Gong, S., Donthamsetti, P., Grinnell, S.G., Nelson, M.N., Newman, A.H., Birnbaumer, L., Martemyanov, K.A., Javitch, J.A., Ford, C.P.
Regional heterogeneity of D2-receptor signaling in the dorsal striatum and nucleus accumbens
Neuron (2018) 98:575-587.e4. 

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Improved scalability of neuron-based phenotypic screening assays for therapeutic discovery in neuropsychiatric disorders
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Orphan receptor GPR158 controls stress-induced depression
eLife (2018) 7:e33273. 

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RGS7 is recurrently mutated in melanoma and promotes migration and invasion of human cancer cells
Scientific Reports (2018) 8:653. 

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Cell Reports (2018) 22:255-268. 


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